Hello 2017!

Happy New Year everybody!! What a year! It's been a phase of great transformation, of cracking open, of confronting fears and flaws, of recognizing what's important, of releasing what's not. It's a year later, and I am older, wiser, a little crazier, and definitely a lot busier--but more me than I have ever been! First...a yearly review! … Continue reading Hello 2017!


Setting the Tone for the Day: Healthy Morning Rituals

I have taken on a lot of new projects in this new year. I began Yoga Teacher Training (yay!), became the coordinator of a new journalistic website, took on my first undergraduate student as supervisor, started up the Two Sisters Read Book Club with my sister, started work on my general exams and am currently writing … Continue reading Setting the Tone for the Day: Healthy Morning Rituals

50 Reasons to Exercise

Hello all! Just thought I would share a great motivational poster that can help you hit the gym whenever you feel lazy and don't want to work out. And if you don't usually work out, I am sure you can find a few reasons on this list to make you want to start! Happy gym-going everyone! - Riversong